Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So, What AAA Titles Are In The Falcon Lineup?

It's Tuesday! One of the questions that we're asked most often is, "What games will work with the Falcon"? Here's the most current list of AAA titles that currently or will work with the Falcon. As you probably know, this list has been growing rapidly, so keep checking back for updates!


• Mass Effect
• Madden NFL NBA Live
• Tiger Woods PGA TOUR®
• Need for Speed™
• Battlefield 2™
• Battlefield 2142™

• The Orange Box
• Counter-Strike: Source® T
• The Half-Life® 2 series
o Half-Life® 2
o Half-Life® 2: Episode One
o Half-Life® 2: Episode Two
• Team Fortress 2®
• Portal™
• Left 4 DeadTM

• Operation Flashpoint®2: Dragon Rising (this title will incorporate Falcon compatibility in a day and date release)
• Race Driver: Grid™
• Colin McRae: Dirt™
• Overlord™ Raising Hell
• Sensible Soccer
• Brian Lara Cricket

World of Warcraft drivers
Quake 4 Multiplayer and Singleplayer Mods

Friday, July 25, 2008


Hi everyone! We're nearing the end of another week and that means we're launching another game. This week's game is Mo The Mole.

It's Mo the Mole versus the falling rocks! Help Mo destroy loose stones before they fall on his head by using your Novint Falcon to toss different-colored gems into the correct slots in the ceiling. You will actually be able to feel the weight of objects, as well as use a real-life tossing motion to cast items into the air. In this puzzle matching challenge, you will need both your wits and your speed in order to save Mo from a dangerous cave-in, so grab your Novint Falcon and dig in!

This game is a bit different from some of our other FPS titles, but it's perfect for any age. It's a steal for $14.95. Just make sure you give Grandma a turn!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Novint in the News!

Happy Thursday everyone! We're almost to Friday (ok, Falcon Friday)! As you probably know, it's been a very busy couple of weeks. We were at E3 last week and were really busy! Here's a sampling of what the media had to say:



Gaming Nexus Review

Gamespot Inside E3



Economic Times

The Columbus Dispatch -

The Orange County Register

Also, keep your eyes peeled when checking out IGN, Gamespy.com, Gizmodo, LifeHacker, and Valleywag. You just might see one of our ads for the Orange Box Bundle.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Novint Takes Over PDX Lan

Hi everyone! Well, Novint recently stopped by Portland for the PDXLAN Event. So what is PDXLAN? According to Aaron from Novint, "other than just a 500 people LAN party, it is also a place for PC gamers to gather and show off their 'pimped out' systems."

Everywhere you looked, there were 28+ inch monitors, water-cooled processors, and massive custom towers. We gave countless demonstrations of BF2, Haptics-Life, and Quake 4 and had a great time talking to everyone. I know for a fact that Aaron's dying to get back there!

<-- Our booth at PDX LAN!

<-- Battle Field 2!

<-- Tiger Woods Golf!

Friday, July 18, 2008


Hello everyone! This week was really busy with E3, but we certainly haven't forgotten about Falcon Friday. This week's game is: Chicken Hunter: Chicken A La Kart.

Ladies and gentlemen START YOUR ENGINES! Chicken Hunter: Chicken a la Kart is a fun, fast paced go-kart style racing game that’s sure to get your adrenaline pumping! Meet up with some of the other characters and race in one of the five different courses in each of the two different Grand Prix races. While playing this game with the Falcon you’ll feel vehicle accelerations, collisions, the recoil of weapons, and the direction your enemy fires at you from. Chicken Hunter: Chicken a la Kart has 2 player racing ability so you can challenge your friends no matter where they are… just make sure you buckle up!

I have to say, the Chicken Hunter games are all so much fun and this one is no exception! It will cost you a cool $14.95 and it's worth every penny! You'll have so much fun! Check it out!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

E3: Celebrity Edition

Hi there everyone! Today was a really long, jam packed day at E3! The booth was packed all day today as everyone came by to try out the Falcon. Several of you mentioned that you saw our booth on G4 during some of their new breaks. Thanks for keeping your eyes peeled for us! The Falcon and the Pistol Grip were also photographed by Reuters, so you just might see a picture of the Falcon in your local newspaper.

This afternoon we had an extra special treat when Dane Cook stopped by our booth for a demo. He's a big fan of gaming and he admitted that we "won him over." Very exciting!

Tomorrow's the last day of the show, so who knows what could happen!

Hello From E3!

Hello from E3! We getting ready to head into Day 2 of the event and the show has already been really busy! We've met a lot of really fun people (I got to meet Olivia from Attack of the Show) and we've been showing off the Pistol Grip, Black Falcon, and early playables of Tiger Woods and Battlefield 2. Things have been going really well and everyone's been excited at all of Novint's recent announcements. I'll post more pictures from today when I get a minute.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Novint Announces Deal with Codemasters!

Hello from E3! This morning, Novint announced our deal with Codemasters this morning! We'll be incorporating our technology into the highly anticipated Operation Flashpoint®2: Dragon Rising on the day that it's released! Race Driver: Grid™, Colin McRae: Dirt™, Overlord™ Raising Hell, Sensible Soccer, and Brian Lara Cricket will also join the Novint Falcon game lineup.

We're so excited about this partnership as another AAA publisher joins the Falcon lineup! I'll be sure to post more information about E3 tonight when I get back. Until then, happy Falcon gaming!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Novint Falcon Makes Its Movie Debut

Hello everyone! The Falcon made its movie debut over the weekend in Meet Dave starring Eddie Murphy. We met the folks who made the movie a couple of years ago and they asked us to provide a Falcon that they could use in the movie. The movie has been released and we're so excited to be included. Here's a report from Tom Anderson, Novint's CEO:

*** Movie Spoiler Alert ***

In the movie, Dave (Eddie Murphy) is a robot ship that looks like Eddie Murphy and carries its crew to Earth on a mission to save their planet.

Inside the ship (again, disguised as a person), are many tiny people including the captain (also, Eddie Murphy - i.e. the big ship looks like its tiny captain). Towards the end of the movie, some of the crew mutinies and they sneeze the Eddie Murphy captain out. In order to save their world, they have to destroy Earth, but the captain doesn't want to by that point, and he has to get back to the ship (the robot Eddie Murphy) and take back control. He manages to get back in the ship and goes to the engine room, where he enters a code, pushes a button and a panel opens up to reveal the Novint Falcon. Eddie Murphy then grabs the Falcon and pulls it out by the handle. The camera view shifts to a view of him using the Falcon to take back control of the ship (the robot body) therefore stopping the mutinied crew and saving planet earth. Not bad for a movie debut! Nothing like saving humanity in your first big screen movie :)

Not a bad weekend for the Falcon!

Friday, July 11, 2008


It's Falcon Friday everyone! We're doing something a little different this week... we're offering the single player version of the Quake 4 HaptX Mod. As you may recall, the Falcon-enabled version of Quake 4 Multiplayer was released a few months back, and we're excited to offer this single player version. If you've already downloaded the multiplayer version and want to have the single player version, go ahead and download this patch.

The best part... the mod is FREE! Just remember you need to own a full version of Quake 4 for the mods to work. Happy Falcon gaming and enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A visual history of the evolution of video game controllers

Hi there everyone! Novint's VP of Marketing (Antonia) recently came across a really awesome photo blog posting by fabric of folly's Dan Taylor. The post takes an interesting look at some of the most innovative controllers that have changed gaming. Some of the included innovations are: the Wiimote, WiiFit, Guitar Hero, oh yeah, and the Novint Falcon! Check it out!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

First Thoughts: Tiger Woods and Battlefield 2

Hello there everyone and happy Wednesday! As promised, I wanted to give everyone a quick overview of my first thoughts of the Falcon enabled versions of EA's Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 and Battlefield 2. I got a sneak peak at the VERY early playables while we (Tom, Novint's CEO, Antonia, Novint's VP of Marketing, and yours truly) were in New York for a press event.

Tiger Woods - let me say this, for some reason I am VERY good at Tiger Woods Golf. It doesn't matter what the platform is, I've got game. Playing Tiger Woods with the Falcon was awesome! Not only can you feel the impact of your club hitting the golf ball, you can even feel the weight of the golf club. If you swing the club and stop in mid-swing you can actually feel the weight of the club. And, true to life, the individual clubs have different weights. So, a driver has a different weight than a pitching wedge. Playing with the Falcon makes the game even more intuitive and it makes me unstoppable!

Battlefield 2 - this was great! Just like in HL2 and the other FPS titles, you can feel the recoil of weapons and the direction that you're being fired at from. In addition, you can feel your footsteps as you run down the hills and you can feel your character getting run over by a tank! That was crazy! I actually screamed the first time it happened because it was so realistic and that darn tank snuck up on me! Just a tip though: don't shoot the medics... I might have done that several times.

Overall, I'm really excited to see the next round of playables from our Games Group. Keep checking back for more updates as I'm headed to E3 next week and I will definitely hit up our games guys for some additional playing time on the EA titles. Until then... happy Falcon gaming!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Novint's Developing WoW Drivers

Hi everyone! We made an exciting announcement today letting everyone know that we're developing drivers for World of Warcraft. The drivers, built using WoW’s LUA Scripting system, will let you feel your character’s actions, spells, enemy attacks and other interactions dramatically enhancing the gaming experience. Novint is also integrating a unique interface in the game which gives players easy access to a customizable selection of spells and other game inventory items, allowing players to intuitively map up to 36 actions to Falcon movements with an in game User-Interface.

We're really excited about this opportunity because it will allow us to bring Falcon compatibility to another 10 million people. When you combine that with our deals with EA and Valve that's a pretty big number (about 30 million). You can read more about the WoW drivers on our Web site. What do you think about the drivers?

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Happy 4th of July to our American readers and Happy Falcon Friday to everyone! This week's game is Tobbit.

Receiving a score of 5 out of 5 on GameMile, and described by critics as having “stunning graphics, funny plot and an adorable character,” Tobbit is a charming side-scrolling adventure platformer. You'll guide Tobbit through 5 expansive worlds to defeat dozens of different enemy types.

Tobbit will cost you only $14.95 so check it out and don't forget to check our message boards because you never know when Tom will post free downloads!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

How Cool Is This?!

Hi there everyone! Crispy Gamer ran this awesome comic about the Black Falcon, Pistol Grip, and Valve deal. You know you've made it when people create cartoons about you! I want to say a special thanks to Novint employee Chris C. who passed this along to us. Enjoy!