Thursday, August 10, 2006

welcome to the novint blog

Greetings to all and welcome to our new blog. There has been an incredible amount of interest in the Novint Falcon, so we've decided to create this forum to let you know about what we're up to, and as a place to discuss 3D touch, gaming, and, of course, the Falcon. If you haven't visited our web site lately (, take a peek at the great press we've been getting, or pick-up copies of the July issues of PC Magazine and Computer Gaming World, which both have nice articles on the Falcon. We're still basking in the success we had at E3. For a small company, hidden away in Kentia Hall, I think we had more traffic, per square feet of booth space, than some of the mega-companies in the humoungous South and West Halls. Our Half-Life2 (Haptics-Life2) mod was a big hit, converting traditional FPS players and non-players alike. We can't wait to get an audience with Valve, to show them how much 3D touch adds to the game. If there are any Valve folks out there reading this, lets talk. Winning IGN's Best of E3: Gear Award was the icing on the cake. Being recognized in a category that included the Nintendo Wii-mote, a Sony PS2, and PS3 controller, validates what we've been working towards since the start of the company. Seeing the anticipation and support of the media and game community is truly rewarding. It is amazing how excited everyone is about the Falcon, and nice to know that innovation is still recognized and appreciated. Thanks for your interest in Novint. We look forward to an ongoing dialog.