Friday, March 28, 2008

Game Preview: Talon Special Ops

Happy Friday everyone! As I've mentioned before, our Game Group has been working hard to add even more games to the Online Game Store. One of the games that we're really excited about is Talon Special Ops.

We teamed up with a great company, Techland, to bring Talon Special Ops to you. This title, which was originally titled Chrome Specforce, is an exciting FPS game that is set in the not-too distant future, at a time when the rapid advancement of technology has allowed the dream of colonizing distant planets to become reality. However, this stunning rate of expansion into new galaxies has caused these colonies to become a safe haven for the worst kinds of criminal activity.

You are part of an elite strike force unit created to deal with these global hazards and crisis situations. With the Falcon, you will feel the effects of weapons, vehicles, and environmental events as you fight back against this criminal activity. Game features include an active camouflage system, neural booster, power shields, 13 modern weapon models, 5 vehicle types, extensive and diverse terrains, map editor, and advanced enemy AI. Play alone or in an up-to-32 player, 4 mode multiplayer match (Death Match, Team Death Match, Team Domination, and Capture The Flag).

Talon Special Ops will be availalbe via the Online Game Store for $29.99.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Check It Out: Chicago Tribune Features The Falcon

Hi there everyone! We've got more exciting news! The Novint Falcon is featured in the Chicago Tribune's article about how controllers are now making your body part of the game. Check it out and let us know what you think below!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Falcon User Creates Video

Hey there everyone! Check out this awesome video that Muzammil, a Falcon user from Brooklyn, created on his own. We're so impressed that we're going to send him a Novint care package with tons of goodies for him. You can win a Falcon care package too! Just send us your Falcon videos and we just might feature them on the blog and send you some goodies. Check out Muzammil's video below!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Check It Out: Ars Technica Review of the Falcon!

Novint's in the news again! The folks at Ars Technica just posted this extended review of the Falcon! They even give some insight and recommendations for some of Novint's most exciting games! Check it out!

Game Preview: Feelin' It: XLR8

Hello everyone! As you know, Novint's Game Group is hard at work to bring even more titles to our Online Game Store. One of the titles that we expect to release shortly is Feelin' It: XLR8. We gave previews of this game at GDC this year and everyone really liked it a lot.

Feelin’ It: XLR8 is a breathtaking game that gives you the true-to-life experience of driving powerful rally cars in photorealistic environments. The game features highly detailed models of over 35 modern rally cars, as well as handling physics developed with the help of rally sport professionals, which create a foundation for an ultra-realistic driving experience. Add the Falcon, and you'll be able to feel all the bumps on the road, slides across the dirt, and impacts with opponents and environmental objects. Other features include complex car damage modeling, over 800 parts for customization, driver injury simulation, Arcade and Simulation driving modes, over 70 races in 5 diversified scenes, and multiplayer support. This game is so realistic and immersive, you may need a seat-belt!

We're working hard on this game! Keep checking back for an announcement when the game's ready.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Check It Out: More Video of the Falcon!

Greetings Falcon Friends! Our friends at sent us a video of the Falcon in action at DigitalLife in NYC. Check it out!

Friday, March 14, 2008

We're Movin' On Up!

Hey there everyone! Novint recently moved into our brand new office in Albuquerque and it's great! Check out the pictures below!

<-- The outside of the building. Check out the Novint logo on the side of the building!

<-- The entrance. Come on in!

<-- The main working area. This is where the magic happens!

Make sure you stop by and say hello if you're ever in our neck of the woods! We're at:

4601 Paradise Blvd. NW
Albuquerque, NM 87114

Enjoy your weekend!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Win a Novint Falcon!

Hello Falcon Friends! Do you want a Falcon but don't quite have the cash? Today's your lucky day! We've teamed up with for their latest giveaway. Head on over to their Web site and enter the drawing.

On another note, make sure to check out the April issue of Popular Mechanics (on newsstands now). Novint is featured in an article about the emerging trend of haptics for consumers. Happy Falcon gaming!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Game Preview: Tear Down

Hello to all of our Falcon Friends! I'm warning you all right now, the game I'm about to tell you about is VERY addictive! Tear Down is so much fun! This was one of our more popular games at GDC and if you read through our Message Boards, you'll find out that this game is wildly popular with other Falcon users.

The brick-busting fun doesn’t stop! Use your Novint Falcon to control the paddle and smash your environment to smithereens. As you hit one or more balls toward your target, you'll actually feel the effects of impacts, explosive blocks, enemy portals, power-up generators, and even be able to use your sense of touch to aim toward your target with precision. Featuring amazing levels built for jaw-dropping fun, Tear Down lets you destroy a fiery volcano, smash a Sopwith Camel into smithereens and even take on legendary sea creatures! From the Super Weapon that shakes the screen as it obliterates bricks to the B-52 Bomber that soars above the level dropping explosive ordnance, the new bonuses are as dazzling to watch as they are to feel. With over 200 levels to smash, I'm warning you now, Tear Down will keep you up all night!

The best part of all, Tear Down will only cost you $14.95 at our Online Game Store. Check it out!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Check It Out: PC Gamer's Review of the Falcon

Hey there everyone! Be sure to pick up the April issue of PC Gamer because the Falcon is featured in the magazine! Find out why they say, "there’s no question that the Novint Falcon has an opportunity to become a must-have controller for hardcore PC gaming fans.”