Friday, March 28, 2008

Game Preview: Talon Special Ops

Happy Friday everyone! As I've mentioned before, our Game Group has been working hard to add even more games to the Online Game Store. One of the games that we're really excited about is Talon Special Ops.

We teamed up with a great company, Techland, to bring Talon Special Ops to you. This title, which was originally titled Chrome Specforce, is an exciting FPS game that is set in the not-too distant future, at a time when the rapid advancement of technology has allowed the dream of colonizing distant planets to become reality. However, this stunning rate of expansion into new galaxies has caused these colonies to become a safe haven for the worst kinds of criminal activity.

You are part of an elite strike force unit created to deal with these global hazards and crisis situations. With the Falcon, you will feel the effects of weapons, vehicles, and environmental events as you fight back against this criminal activity. Game features include an active camouflage system, neural booster, power shields, 13 modern weapon models, 5 vehicle types, extensive and diverse terrains, map editor, and advanced enemy AI. Play alone or in an up-to-32 player, 4 mode multiplayer match (Death Match, Team Death Match, Team Domination, and Capture The Flag).

Talon Special Ops will be availalbe via the Online Game Store for $29.99.

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