Thursday, March 20, 2008

Check It Out: Ars Technica Review of the Falcon!

Novint's in the news again! The folks at Ars Technica just posted this extended review of the Falcon! They even give some insight and recommendations for some of Novint's most exciting games! Check it out!

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Amit R said...

Hi people at Novint,

As an (occasional) gamer, I think your haptic product is quite frankly incredible and I am very tempted to get one.

Here's a suggestion that could easily and significantly expand your market:

Have you guys thought about releasing a software mod (and/or add-on) that would make it conducive for MIDI control? There aren't a lot of instruments out there which have anywhere nearly the amount of control that seems to be afforded by the Falcon and there are plenty of electronic and classical composers/musicians/hobbyists who would love to try out the expanded possibilities of three dimensional haptic control. Not to mention all the music and gadget blogs out there that would love you for it :]

I hope you consider this suggestion!

Best (and keep up the great work!),
Amit Routh