Tuesday, February 05, 2008

New Game Added to Game Store!

Hello Falcon Friends! Novint's Game Development Team has been hard to work to bring lots of exciting new content to our Falcon Flock. We've just added Feelin' It: Crystal Quest, Novint's Touch Enabled version of the arcade classic, to our Online Game Store.

A classic arcade game, Crystal Quest was first introduced in the 1980's and has been a hit ever since. Now with enhanced graphics and all-new, updated gameplay, you will pilot your ship through 60 waves of frantic action, collecting crystals and evading a horde of enemies. These unique baddies spawn from portals on each side of the screen, and you must fire your main gun or deploy a smart bomb to vaporize every one. Grab all the crystals to open the gateway and complete the level, but don't forget to gather up the goodies in each wave first! With Falcon control, you can actually feel your momentum and inertia, impacts with enemies, and the activation of your entire weapons arsenal. You can snag a copy of the game for $14.95.

Keep checking our blog as we expect to have several new titles available within the next couple of days. Also, don't forget to check out Novint's Message Boards (look under "Games" and check out the message titled, "Active Message Board Readers - Please Read"). We've currently got an awesome (and by awesome I mean free) treat for our Falcon Friends. Check it out, I promise it's worth your time!

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