Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Game Preview: The Ship

Hi there everyone. Here's another preview of an exciting game for the Falcon, The Ship.

You may recall that this tile was the IGN Winner: Most Innovative Design of 2006, and one of the Firing Squad's Top 5 Games of 2006. The Ship has been described as "one of the best and most innovative multiplayer games available" and as "one cross-genre game that really deserves the hype." And this is what the The New York Times had to say: "I've spent more than enough time running around alien ships indiscriminately firing rocket launchers. Now I just want to put on a tuxedo, grab a golf club and enjoy a civilized, seafaring afternoon of murder in cold blood."

In The Ship, you'll be placed aboard a murder filled cruiseliner, and you'll be able to feel in detail, everything that happens in this multiplayer game. You can feel a poison-filled needle penetrate your murder Victim (we did a medical needle insertion training simulator for real-life doctors, so you can imagine how realistic this will feel), feel a knife or axe stab into someone (or feel them stab it into you), or feel yourself be bludgeoned with a mannequin arm.

With the Falcon, feel a deep immersion in the setting, as you hunt and are hunted by others, with unique control and feel of the various weapons you can find aboard.

Novint's version of The Ship will be available soon for $19.95, so keep checking out the Online Game Store!

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