Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Game Preview: Feelin' It: Virtual Pool 3

Greetings Falcon Friends! We've got another great game preview for everyone, Feelin' It: Virtual Pool 3.

Currently the highest-rated pool game of all time for the PC, Virtual Pool 3 is widely considered to be the most accurate computer simulation of billiards available. Feelin’ It: Virtual Pool 3 improves the game even further by letting you actually use your sense of touch while playing the game. Feel the weight and inertia of the cue stick, the impact of the billiard balls, and even put spin on your shots using your real-life finesse.

With 18 different pool games, Snooker, 1- and 3-cushion billiards, online support, career mode, and more, this is as real as pool can get without the chalk. In fact, this is one of the only pool games that can claim to make you a better player in real life!

Tom, Novint's CEO, swears that he's not going to buy a real pool table because this game is so real. I've tried it and it's so much fun! You don't need to worry about clicks or meters when playing this game. It's really fun and for $29.95, it's a steal! Check it out at the Online Game Store!

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