Thursday, February 21, 2008

Live From GDC!!!

Greetings from San Francisco and GDC! We've just completed Day 1 of GDC and things have been very busy! Novint announced that we're going to offer a black version of the Falcon AND a pistol grip accessory. We've been getting a lot of requests for a black version of the Falcon Falcon and we're really excited to bring it to our Falcon community! The pistol grip is amazing and will be great for playing First Person Shooters. The pistol grip, which has been labeled by attendees as the "must have" accessory for FPS games, will be available for $19.99. Check us out in Engadget.

The booth at GDC has been packed with attendees wanting to try out the Falcon and the pistol grip. We've been running around taking pictures and video from the show, so look for those to come. We'll keep you updated!

<--- Novint's new Black Falcon ($199.99 est. MSRP)

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