Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Game Preview: Impulse Thruster!

We mentioned earlier this week that we’re going to let you all know about some of the exciting games that we have coming up. The first game we’re excited to tell you about is Impulse Thruster. This game is an expanded full version of the Newton’s Monkey Business minigame.

In this full version first-person arcade-style shooter, you will use your sense of touch to pilot your speeder across 50 complete stages of multi-level madness filled with rewards and hazards. To win each challenge, you will need to grab power-ups and gems, use your rocket boost to blast from one platform to another, avoid pitfalls, and destroy the swarms of enemies in your path. With the Novint Falcon at your command, you’ll feel every impact, boost, jolt, and blast. And the Falcon’s 3D movement makes precise aiming and split-second steering a breeze.

You can download this exciting game for a cool $24.95 from N VeNT. Let us know which games you’d like to see in our lineup below!

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