Thursday, August 07, 2008


Hey everyone! It's Falcon Friday! Today's game is Chicken Hunter: Raiders of the Lost Whatsit.

Moorhuhn can’t resist an exciting adventure with the promise of treasure, so he heads to the jungle to track down the ultimate treasure: the Whatsit that was lost 1000 years ago. While playing Chicken Hunter: Raiders of the Lost Whatsit you’ll help Moorhuhn capture coins and diamonds, punch, jump, and shoot enemies while searching for the stone icon at each of the 21 levels in this game and. But be careful! Hidden traps, bad-tempered gorillas and aggressive crocodiles are waiting for you and demand the skills of a true treasure hunter.

While playing this game you’ll feel the force of jumping and punching enemies, the recoil of weapons, and the forces of interacting with objects. The Falcon forces, treasures, tricky enemies, and hilarious chickens make Chicken Hunter: Raiders of the Lost Whatsit a must-have for adventure fans.

You can check out the game here for $14.95 and don't forget to check our Message Boards for a free copy of the game. Enjoy!

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