Friday, November 21, 2008


Hello everyone! It's Falcon Friday! We hope that this week's game is a big of a surprise for you all. This week we're proud to launch our free mod for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars!

Earth: 2060 – The dawn of a hellish new age, the marauding Strogg, Cyborg soldiers of the evil Makron, have left the world’s major cities as abanadoned smoking ruins. The Strogg come in greed – to Stroggify humanity into spare parts and protein food. The GDF must defeat the ravaging alien hordes, or face extinction.

In Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, you choose which side to ally yourself with. Your mission is either to aid the Strogg in eliminating the GDF and fortifying your stronghold, or you can choose to join the Global Defense Forces in their attempt to surpress and overcome the Strogg scourge. Choose your destiny, and fight to the bitter last in the ultimate Quake wars!

As with our other mods, this download is free, but you need to own a copy of the game. Enjoy this one and let us know what you think below.

P.S. keep your eyes peeled for a BIG announcement from Novint fairly soon!

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