Monday, June 11, 2007

novint falcon local launch party on june 18th in albuquerque, nm

Novint is having a local get-together at the Ninja Monkey Gaming Center in Albuquerque on June 18th, from 7pm to midnight.

Be the first to experience the award-winning Novint Falcon and our launch titles, Newton’s Monkey Business and the Feelin' It Sports Pack. And if you’re in the competitive mood, you can also check out the Falcon's Half-Life 2 mod and play in mini-tournaments on the new system for prizes. We'll be giving away t-shirts, Novint 1GB memory sticks and other swag throughout the night, so come by and see what all the media buzz has been about.

Novint would like to thank Sue Vorenberg and her Q-T3CH blog, and of course the folks at Ninja Monkey for helping us out with this event.

WHAT: Novint Falcon Local Launch Party

WHEN: Monday, June 18, 7pm – midnight

WHERE: the Ninja Monkey Gaming Center at the Northeast Corner of Paseo Del Norte and Wyoming behind the Whattaburger -- 505-217-2160


Anonymous said...

Nice to hear the falcon will be out but I am wondering when will the promised Falcon haptic SDK available for download?

Anonymous said...

An article you posted on your "news" page states:
"The Falcon hits stores on June 18th and will cost $239. The price includes 24-mini games."

Which stores will it be in?

Novint said...

We received a couple of comments about the local launch party that indicated we were not clear about the nature and purpose of the event, so we did not post them - instead we clarified in the original blog post what the local launch party is actually about.

This event is not a part of our marketing efforts, but rather it is something fun we want to do locally, and it will allow some of our Albuquerque residents to learn more about our technology. As we've said before, we do have big plans for getting the word out about the Falcon, but we want to time these marketing efforts so that they better line up with our hardware manufacturing ramp-up.

As a general rule, we will publish all blog comments unless they are vulgar, overly misleading, or include topics prohibited by our public status.

If we ever decide not to publish a comment, we will post a message similar to this one, letting you know our decision and the reasons behind it.

On a related note, one of the blog comments regarding the launch also included this comment: "Furthermore, someone I know just called Customer Service about a Falcon he ordered and customer service was unable to tell him whether his order would be shipped on the 18th...."

We will get this cleared up, and find out what happened - thank you for the heads-up. As you can imagine, it is pretty hectic for everyone with launch less than a week away, and there are lots of moving parts, so please forgive any kinks we will work through up to launch and shortly after. We do intend to ship our first production run of Falcons on the 18th. Customers who bought Falcons after we closed our first shipping date, were notified that their Falcon will be shipped on July 23rd.

Novint said...

re: SDK

We plan to make an SDK available for download shortly after the June 18th launch date. We will provide more details soon.

Novint said...

re: article on the News page

The portion of the article that says "hit stores" is incorrect. We do plan to offer the Falcon through retail stores, but we have not yet announced specific locations or the timing. On our News page, we post links to press relating to Novint, but occasionally there are errors in those stories that are outside of our control. Thank you for pointing it out to us, and giving us a chance to clarify the point.

Also, just to clarify, the Falcon bundle includes:

Limited Edition Novint Falcon

Newton's Monkey Business – (24 minigames)

Feelin’ It: Sports Pack

Limited Edition Grip

Numbered Certificate of Authenticity

Anonymous said...

the falcon bundle includes more than you have added in that last thread's comment box.

It comes with the following, maybe you should add this so people know:

Limited Edition Novint Falcon Game Controller with custom center badge and
exclusive design features

Limited Edition Grip (detachable handle)
Newton's Monkey Business Game - includes 24 minigames
Feelin' ItTM: Table Tennis; Golf; Top Pin Bowling; Homerun Smashout; and 3 Point Shootout (Basketball)
Free Game Download from Novint's Online Game Service (valued up
to $19.95)

Lifetime Membership in Falcon First Club - gives priority news, discounts and access to user testing opportunities and other Falcon First features

Limited Edition Numbered Certificate of Authenticity
Free Standard Shipping within the Continental U.S. on all fully prepaid orders

Anonymous said...

where in the USA are the falcons shipped from?

Anonymous said...

I am getting anxious about getting my Falcon! Shipping day is getting closer! I can't wait to power it up and give it a go!!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you guys use your cash on hand to acquire a majority stake in Atari? Then you can influence them to adapt all of their games to work with the Falcon. following that you can merge and build a premier gaming company together. It would be a great leverage opportunity for the two of you.

Novint said...

re: From where in the USA are Falcons shipped?

They're shipped from San Diego, CA.

Anonymous said...

I hope yoy have traffic problems at your local launch party in albq. and a media frenzy over your launch in general.

Wishing you the best. Thanks for taking computers and the net to a new level.

Novint said...

Thank you for the supportive words. Everything seems to be going well for our Monday launch - it looks like we'll have good reason to celebrate.

Anonymous said...

When does Novint plan on ramping up their advertising and marketing promotion? Now that the product be being shipped I would assume that the marketing efforts would need to be incorporated in the near future?

Novint said...

re: marketing plans

We plan to begin marketing in August.