Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Game Preview: Aquatreous

We're continuing with previews of some of our exciting new games for the Falcon. Next up on our list is Aquatreous. Many of you have gotten a sneak peak of this game since a shorter version is included in Newton's Monkey Business. Here's an in depth description of the FULL game.

You’ve never done puzzles like this before! In this full version of Aquatreous, you will toss colorful blocks to complete nearly 200 underwater 3D brainteasers. Place three or more shapes of the same color together and they will disappear from the environment and reveal the next color. Look at upcoming colors to plot your strategy towards victory. All the while, you’ll be able to actually feel the weight of the blocks and the force of the waves as you glide the pieces into place. Enjoy eight unique game modes, a variety of different block types, and four characters with different skills. Relax with Mission mode (no timer), turn up the heat in the Timed Challenge mode, challenge your wits with Puzzle mode, and if you're stuck, the In-game Help feature will guide you through all puzzle levels. Use quick thinking and the intuitive Falcon controls to solve the riddles of Aquatreous.

You can get the full version of the game for $24.95 via N VeNT or at Keep your eyes peeled for this game. It should be joining our lineup VERY soon! What's your favorite minigame in Newton's Monkey Business? Let us know below!

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Anonymous said...

Hey there

I am looking to buying 2 Novint falcons, one for me here in the US and the other for a friend in the United Kingdom. Can you please tell me will my friend have to use a step down converter, or adapter for the AC power cord as it's an American plug? Also can the power cable be removed from the Novint falcon, does it just plug into the falcon controller, if so then my friend could use an adapter until you release a European plug and then he could just remove the American plug and put in the European one. Is this possible. He's just tired of waiting for the European release and wants one. As i live in the USA i am looking to get one for myself and thought i would get him one as well. Can you please get back to me on this.

Many thanks