Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's Coming!

Greetings Falcon Friends! As we mentioned on Sunday, we've got a couple of announcements that are on their way. And we want to thank you, our Falcon Friends, so we're going to give you the inside scoop. Keep checking the blog this week for the inside scoop!

In the mean time, we'll give you a preview of another great game for the Novint Falcon, Klectit. The preview of this game is for purely selfish reasons, as this is a personal favorite. But don't just take my word for it, we previewed this game at E For All and everyone loved it.

In Klectit, you use the Falcon to control the movements of a puppet, sent on a quest to collect objects scattered throughout a dazzling array of different environments. In this constantly evolving story, players will find themselves collecting candy in a sugar-coated wonderland one minute, and the next minute find themselves gobbling up plants, rocks, animals, people, and cars, eventually growing large enough to absorb entire houses. With the Falcon, you'll feel a revolutionary control method where you actually feel your momentum and mass change as you collect objects. You won’t be able to stop until you’ve collected all of the treasures in the world!

You'll be able to purchase this game for $24.95 from our Web site or N VeNT.


Anonymous said...

you know what the coolest of games will be, it will be to design a roller coaster simulator which is very easy to use, but which allows you to fee the g forces of all the twists and turns through the falcon.
and then while building you can feel the different waits and textures of each object like track pieces, that would truly be awesome.

Also it would be awesome to have a first person shooter where you can use 2 falcons one for each hand where both buns can be independently moved or just fired, cool.

minister of enlightenment said...

i've blogged about this at

i'm a blind computer user and the falcon is the perfect haptic device to interact with a gui. do you have any knowledge of people designing guis for it? as you can see from my blog post, johns hopkins is designing a tactile gui, but i think their approach is flawed, i think. any feedback can go through my blog at http://scanr.net. thanks