Monday, April 07, 2008

Novint Falcon To Support Major EA Franchises

You read this correctly! Novint is thrilled to announce that we're teaming up with EA to enable some of their most popular franchises. We hinted about our BIG announcement and some of our friends were so excited that they leaked the story a bit early.

Here are the details... we're going to add several of EA's best-selling computer games to work the the Falcon. Titles will include franchises like Madden NFL, NBA Life, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, Need for Speed, and Battlefield. We expect to release these titles for the Falcon later this year. Using the Falcon will bring a brand new life to these games and you'll be able to feel realistic touch sensations like the weight of the ball as it's thrown, the sideways acceleration of a car as it drifts around a sharp turn, or the realistic recoil of a machine gun.

We're extremely excited by what this represents for us! It's always nice to have EA in your corner! Check out the press release on our Web site.

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