Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Novint Office Hosts Talon Special Ops Deathmatch

Friday was a pretty fun day at Novint's office in Albuquerque. We've been working hard on our new game, Talon Special Ops. On Friday, everyone got together to play the multiplayer version of Talon Special Ops. After talking to everyone, it sounds like it was a lot of fun. The crew played 6v6 and played several types of games - (death-match, team death-match, team domination, and capture the flag). The smack talking started early in the day leading up to the afternoon matches.

Here were some highlights from Tom Anderson, Novint's CEO:

-- One of our employees is 6 months pregnant, so she named her character "Mommy To Be", which I thought was hilarious. It's funny seeing that someone was "... killed by MommyToBe". Also, makes you not want to shoot that character- makes you feel guilty.

-- We separated into the conference room and the programmers area. I loved hearing the roar from the other room when they won, and them calling in to make fun of us. I also loved calling into the other room when we won :)

-- It was really cool experiencing a milestone like that for Novint. It was our first company event like that. Everyone, including non gamers, had a blast.

-- The outdoor environments in Talon Special Ops are beautiful. It was especially fun playing the game, knowing it was one of our titles.

-- The different types of weapons and vehicles (mechs, jeeps, tanks, etc) were a lot of fun for everyone.

-- I spawned at one point right behind someone waiting to capture our flag - they had no idea how I found them (was pure luck) but made me seem pretty tricky.

-- Eric said his mom could take everyone, so Bill called his character "Eric's Mom" which was hilarious.

Sounds like everyone had a great time! We hope to release Talon Special Ops fairly soon, so keep checking back for the announcement!

<-- Several of Novint's employees (including Tom, Novint's CEO and Bill, Novint's Game Director) playing Talon Special Ops.

<-- Check out all of those Falcons!

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