Friday, May 23, 2008


Happy Friday everyone! It's Falcon Friday! Today we're launching The Feel of Steel.

Awarded the 2007 Game of the Year award in the Innovation category by Game Tunnel, this is a multiplayer, 3rd-person sword-dueling game in which the movement of the Falcon corresponds directly to the movement of the sword.

Imagine being able to feel the clash of blades as you parry an attack, and the sensation of driving your sword into an opening in your enemy's defenses. Fight on the ground across diverse and exotic terrains, or launch into flight for epic aerial battles. Whether you choose to hack and slash wildly or to dice your opponent with precision strikes, this is as real as swordplay gets. Features include an intuitive sword-fighting system, single-player battles, head-to-head Duel Arena, and a feverish Free-For-All mode.

Check out the Online Game Store, where you can purchase The Feel of Steel for $19.95! Enjoy!

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