Friday, May 30, 2008


IT'S FALCON FRIDAY! As we mentioned yesterday, today we're launching Penumbra: Black Plague HaptX Edition. We've teamed up with Reachin to bring you guys this awesome game.

Penumbra: Black Plague HaptX Edition is the highly-anticipated sequel to the ground-breaking adventure game Penumbra: Overture. Black Plague continues where Overture left off, with an even more intense storyline and even trickier puzzles, as you guide Philip deeper into this intriguing adventure.

With the Falcon, you'll be able to push, pull, lift and throw objects in a fully-interactive environment just like real life, allowing you to feel what Phillip feels every step of the way. Black Plague will also reveal completely new HaptX effects for the Falcon such as soft surfaces, fluids and the ability to feel object textures at per-pixel resolutions. With hours of intense game play and revolutionary interactions, Black Plague will leave no one unmoved.

The game retails for $29.95 at our Online Game Store. Don't forget to check out our Message Board as Tom will post a free download for 10 lucky visitors. Happy Falcon gaming!

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