Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Penumbra: Black Plague In The News

Hello everyone! The last few days have been really busy as Penumbra: Black Plague was just launched. It looks like we're not the only one who are excited about the launch. Check out some of the great media coverage that the game's launch has received.
"This is the type of title that platforms like the Falcon needs, big-name titles from the EA catalog are certainly nice, but the last Penumbra was one of the best examples of what the Falcon is capable of." - Ars Technica
"The pairing of the Falcon with P:BP is a smart one, as the game makes rather innovative use of real-world physics to challenge players with puzzles and exploration." - IGN

"The Novint Falcon controller now has a new HaptX video game to add to the line of Falcon enabled titles. The game is called Penumbra: Black Plague HaptX Edition.” - I4U

Have you gotten a chance to try out the game? If so, what did you think? Looking forward to hearing from everyone and keep checking back here for more updates and information about Penumbra: Black Plague.

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