Friday, June 06, 2008


Hello everyone! Today's Falcon Friday and we've got something kind of special lined up. Today's game hasn't even been previewed on the Web site. It's Chicken Hunter: Buck Shot. This is part of a series of games that took over Germany.

In Chicken Hunter: Buck Shot you need hunt down all of the chickens that you can. But look out! These are no ordinary chickens and they’re not going down without a fight! Your enemies will fight back and try to psych you out with every opportunity they get, so you’ve got to be on the lookout at all times!

While playing Chicken Hunter: Buck Shot, players will feel weapon recoil when shooting their gun, feel the specific force when interacting with objects, and can use their sense of touch to know when it’s time to reload with ammunition. Through its intuitive use of controls and forces, this colorful and addicting game is easy to pick up and will provide endless hours of fun!

This game is really addicting (that's coming from our Games Group) and a ton of fun. It's $14.95 at the Online Game Store. Check it out!

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