Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Game Preview: Ascension Reborn

Today we're going to take a closer look at Novint's upcoming title, Ascension Reborn. This game is a personal favorite of Novint's CEO, Tom Anderson. Tom has taken a VERY active role in the testing and tuning of this game.

Originally released under the title Advent Rising, this stunning action/adventure game received Gamepro’s Editor’s Choice Award and is now even more powerful for Falcon players. Called “innovative as hell, and the most emotive title to hit any platform in ages," this AAA, third-person sci-fi adventure lets you play the role of a pilot on a historic mission to make first contact with an alien race.

The game features a sweeping storyline created by Hugo and Nebula award-winning author Orson Scott Card (Ender's Game). While playing Ascension Reborn, you'll destroy enemies using a combination of super-human psychic powers, an arsenal of awesome weapons, and a vast array of combat-ready vehicles. Using the Novint Falcon, you'll actually feel the sensation of piloting alien assault vehicles, hover-tanks, and agile aircraft. You'll be able to feel weight and recoil when wielding and firing weapons like pistols, blasters, assault rifles, and rocket launchers, as well as alien-developed weapons like the microwave gun and the black-hole rifle. You'll even feel your own extraordinary powers as you fire telekinetic blasts at enemies, levitate objects in the environment, and raise energy shields against attacks.

Game features include 11 different guns with dual-wield capabilities, six super powers, a slow motion dodge jump, an innovative targeting system, a musical score that features a 70-piece Hollywood orchestra, and a variety of gameplay experiences ranging from zero gravity combat to team warfare and beyond.

The game will sell for $29.95. Have you tried the game? Are you excited to try this one out? Let us know below!


TheBuzzer said...

I played this game before. It is fun nice to see older games that was fun are also getting novint falcon support.

Anonymous said...

Advent rising was an amazing game on Xbox. I will be buying a Novint Falcon just to play this on my computer.