Friday, September 26, 2008


Hey everyone! Novint's had a really busy week! Today's Falcon Friday! This week's game is F.E.A.R. Combat, which as you might know, is the multi-player version of F.E.A.R.

You aren't a soldier. You are a weapon. A paramilitary force infiltrates a multibillion dollar aerospace compound taking hostages, but issuing no demands. The government responds by sending in its best special operations teams, only to have them obliterated. Live footage of the massacre is cut short by an unexpected wave of destruction that leaves military leaders stunned and in disbelief. This is a mod (modification) to the critically acclaimed, First Person Shooter game, F.E.A.R., and must be run in tandem with a fully purchased version of the game.

Like our other mods, this is a free download. Enjoy!

Also, don't forget to order your Pistol Grips! If you reserved a Pistol Grip on our Web site you should have received an email this week. The sales will be opened to the public on Wednesday, so hurry!

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