Friday, October 03, 2008


Team Novint has had a great week! We launched our Pistol Grip to the General Public on Monday. Have you purchased your Pistol Grip yet? This week's Falcon Friday game is PERFECT with the Pistol Grip. We're excited to launch Force Fighter.

Winner of the 2005 "Gameolympics" in the Best Newcomer category, Force Fighter puts you in the cockpit of a jet-powered airship for the ultimate flying deathmatch. Pilot your aircraft through rugged terrain in pursuit of your opponents, and then use your arsenal of weapons to blast them out of the skies.

With the Novint Falcon, you’ll feel the full force of your firepower, impacts against the terrain, and enemy attacks as you gun for your prey across 5 detailed and rich gameplay environments. This full version of Force Fighter gives you even more of the fast-paced action you experienced in Newton’s Monkey Business including: multiplayer support, additional levels, new fighters, and even more weaponry.

Check it out this weekend for a cool $9.95 and don't forget to purchase your Pistol Grip today! Have a great weekend!

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