Friday, October 10, 2008


It's been a very busy week at the Novint office! Today is Falcon Friday! This week's game is Feelin' It: Arcade Roller.

You’ve never played the arcade classic like this before! Based on one of the first and most popular arcade skill games of all time, Feelin' It: ArcadeRoller is played by rolling a series of balls up the ramp and into the scoring circles for points. Sound easy? Not so fast - we've created dozens of challenging and unique levels that require you to develop real muscle memory and throwing aim with your Novint Falcon. You will even feel the weight and momentum of the ball as you give it a toss! Play it safe by going for the easier slots, or test your skill and accuracy by targeting the more challenging slots. Whichever strategy you choose, you’ll need to develop an actual throwing rhythm when you use the Novint Falcon, just like the real-life game. The only way it could get any more realistic is if a line of tickets came out at the end!

You'll be hooked after a couple of rounds with this game. The game retails for $9.95, but don't forget to check the Message Boards. Tom will be posting a like for free downloads. Happy Falcon Gaming!

UPDATE: We've had a minor delay and will be releasing our Falcon Friday game Friday afternoon or evening this week instead of our typical midnight release. Thank you for understanding!

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