Thursday, January 24, 2008

Did We Mention Quake 4?!

We’ve got some very exciting game news! Our friends at HaptX have just announced that they will be releasing their free Mod for Quake4 Multiplayer!

Here’s the inside scoop… HaptX has been using their Quake4 Mods primarily for demos and testing their HaptX software. A lot of people have been asking them how to get their hands on it so they’ve decided to make it public. They’ve spent a lot of time working with the Quake4 SDK and tweaking the experience so that it's optimized for the Falcon based community - including maintaining the speed and accuracy associated with games of this genre. At the same time they also wanted to maximize the capabilities of the Novint Falcon, embedding the recoil of the individual weapons while feeling the directions of bullets and explosions.

The HaptX Mod will be free of charge, but you'll need a copy of Quake4 installed on your computer. All you have to do is setup the Quake4 HaptX mod and play! We’re encouraging everyone to schedule tournaments and gatherings and use the setup to enjoy the first dedicated multiplayer environment with the Novint Falcon. More information on the Quake4 Multiplayer HaptX Mod will be available on Novint’s Web site and the HaptX Web site.

Leave a comment below and let us know if you plan on trying out the Quake 4 mod!


Anonymous said...

This is huge. Thank you Haptx!!

Anonymous said...

Entirely our pleasure...

We look forward to the release date on February 11th so that we can hook up and have competitions over the internet. You may not be aware of this but Novint will provide a dedicated server for this mod, making it seamless and easy for all of you Falcon owners to hook up and play this amazingly fast and addictive game.

The ability to actually feel the recoils of your weapons, enemy bullets or the satisfaction of humiliating your opponents with the Gauntlet weapon is simply a blast!

A bunch of videos and information has and will be distributed over the internet channels, e.g. web sites and YouTube - to find these all you have to do is to use the terms "HaptX Quake" when searchin the sites.

We encourage all of you within the Novint Falcon community to huddle up and schedule informal tournaments and gatherings and use the setup to enjoy the first dedicated multiplayer environment with the Novint Falcon. Any noise that you folks out there can make to make this mod and setup a success is greatly appreciated!

More information on this topic will be available soon.

Team HaptX