Monday, January 07, 2008

Game Preview: Penumbra: Overture HaptX Edition

Greetings Falcon Friends! We're continuing with our previews of Falcon Games. Next up is Penumbra: Overture HaptX Edition, a game that we're very excited about. We've had a lot of positive feedback on this game and we're excited to offer it at our Game Store.

Penumbra: Overture HaptX Edition is a ground-breaking first person adventure game which focuses on story, immersion and puzzles where the player has to use his/her wits to guide Philip on his quest to unravel the past.

The game will keep you on the edge as you explore immersive environments, never knowing what will be revealed next creating a unique game experience as secrets are uncovered.
Interact with the game by opening drawers, pulling levers, feeling the weight of objects and much, much more using natural gestures and the sense of touch.

The state of the art graphics, physics and in-game haptics presents new exceptional heights of gameplay, where the environment is physically interacting with you. Stop by the Game Store and check it out.

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