Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Game Preview: Feelin' It: Gish

Hello everyone! Many people ask us about the additional games for the Falcon. One of the most popular games in our library is Feelin' It: Gish. The game was the winner of the IGF Grand Prize (Seamus McNally Award), the IGF Innovation in Game Design Award, and Game of the Year Award from Game Tunnel.

In Gish, you play as a living, 12-pound ball of tar on an epic search for his lost love, Brea. With the Falcon, you'll feel every move of your gelatinous body as you roll, squeeze, climb, jump, and squirm your way through the maze of shadowy sewers. Will you be able to defeat freakish creatures, navigate twisting subterranean levels, and reunite with your love once again? Game features include 34 Story levels, over 20 Collection levels, 6 unique Versus modes, 28 different Versus levels, over 10 different enemy types, dynamic physics and real-time lighting, a destructible environment, and many other hidden secrets you'll find during your journey. Add in Novint's haptic technology and the game is addictive!

Stop by the Novint Game Store and check it out for $24.95! Happy Falcon Gaming!

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