Wednesday, July 09, 2008

First Thoughts: Tiger Woods and Battlefield 2

Hello there everyone and happy Wednesday! As promised, I wanted to give everyone a quick overview of my first thoughts of the Falcon enabled versions of EA's Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 and Battlefield 2. I got a sneak peak at the VERY early playables while we (Tom, Novint's CEO, Antonia, Novint's VP of Marketing, and yours truly) were in New York for a press event.

Tiger Woods - let me say this, for some reason I am VERY good at Tiger Woods Golf. It doesn't matter what the platform is, I've got game. Playing Tiger Woods with the Falcon was awesome! Not only can you feel the impact of your club hitting the golf ball, you can even feel the weight of the golf club. If you swing the club and stop in mid-swing you can actually feel the weight of the club. And, true to life, the individual clubs have different weights. So, a driver has a different weight than a pitching wedge. Playing with the Falcon makes the game even more intuitive and it makes me unstoppable!

Battlefield 2 - this was great! Just like in HL2 and the other FPS titles, you can feel the recoil of weapons and the direction that you're being fired at from. In addition, you can feel your footsteps as you run down the hills and you can feel your character getting run over by a tank! That was crazy! I actually screamed the first time it happened because it was so realistic and that darn tank snuck up on me! Just a tip though: don't shoot the medics... I might have done that several times.

Overall, I'm really excited to see the next round of playables from our Games Group. Keep checking back for more updates as I'm headed to E3 next week and I will definitely hit up our games guys for some additional playing time on the EA titles. Until then... happy Falcon gaming!

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