Sunday, July 13, 2008

Novint Falcon Makes Its Movie Debut

Hello everyone! The Falcon made its movie debut over the weekend in Meet Dave starring Eddie Murphy. We met the folks who made the movie a couple of years ago and they asked us to provide a Falcon that they could use in the movie. The movie has been released and we're so excited to be included. Here's a report from Tom Anderson, Novint's CEO:

*** Movie Spoiler Alert ***

In the movie, Dave (Eddie Murphy) is a robot ship that looks like Eddie Murphy and carries its crew to Earth on a mission to save their planet.

Inside the ship (again, disguised as a person), are many tiny people including the captain (also, Eddie Murphy - i.e. the big ship looks like its tiny captain). Towards the end of the movie, some of the crew mutinies and they sneeze the Eddie Murphy captain out. In order to save their world, they have to destroy Earth, but the captain doesn't want to by that point, and he has to get back to the ship (the robot Eddie Murphy) and take back control. He manages to get back in the ship and goes to the engine room, where he enters a code, pushes a button and a panel opens up to reveal the Novint Falcon. Eddie Murphy then grabs the Falcon and pulls it out by the handle. The camera view shifts to a view of him using the Falcon to take back control of the ship (the robot body) therefore stopping the mutinied crew and saving planet earth. Not bad for a movie debut! Nothing like saving humanity in your first big screen movie :)

Not a bad weekend for the Falcon!

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