Friday, July 25, 2008


Hi everyone! We're nearing the end of another week and that means we're launching another game. This week's game is Mo The Mole.

It's Mo the Mole versus the falling rocks! Help Mo destroy loose stones before they fall on his head by using your Novint Falcon to toss different-colored gems into the correct slots in the ceiling. You will actually be able to feel the weight of objects, as well as use a real-life tossing motion to cast items into the air. In this puzzle matching challenge, you will need both your wits and your speed in order to save Mo from a dangerous cave-in, so grab your Novint Falcon and dig in!

This game is a bit different from some of our other FPS titles, but it's perfect for any age. It's a steal for $14.95. Just make sure you give Grandma a turn!

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