Friday, July 11, 2008


It's Falcon Friday everyone! We're doing something a little different this week... we're offering the single player version of the Quake 4 HaptX Mod. As you may recall, the Falcon-enabled version of Quake 4 Multiplayer was released a few months back, and we're excited to offer this single player version. If you've already downloaded the multiplayer version and want to have the single player version, go ahead and download this patch.

The best part... the mod is FREE! Just remember you need to own a full version of Quake 4 for the mods to work. Happy Falcon gaming and enjoy your weekend!

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Anonymous said...

I thinking on pre ordering the falcon orange box. I just have some questions that i hope you please can answer.

Does the orange box falcon bundle come with any of the features like in the limited edition such as the feelin sports pack, the 24 mini monkey games. The inter changble grips?

Does the orange bundle come with the ball looking grip as well as the pistol grip?

Are you going to be discontinuing the limited edition when the orange bundle will be released?

For current limited edition owners will you be releasing a white pistol grip so it matches the color of the limited edition?

Finally, i see that you are releasing drivers for some EA games such as the battlefield series and need for speed prostreet, Do you know if you will be releasing drivers for the EA game Crysis?

I hope you can get back to me soon

Many thanks