Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So, What AAA Titles Are In The Falcon Lineup?

It's Tuesday! One of the questions that we're asked most often is, "What games will work with the Falcon"? Here's the most current list of AAA titles that currently or will work with the Falcon. As you probably know, this list has been growing rapidly, so keep checking back for updates!


• Mass Effect
• Madden NFL NBA Live
• Tiger Woods PGA TOUR®
• Need for Speed™
• Battlefield 2™
• Battlefield 2142™

• The Orange Box
• Counter-Strike: Source® T
• The Half-Life® 2 series
o Half-Life® 2
o Half-Life® 2: Episode One
o Half-Life® 2: Episode Two
• Team Fortress 2®
• Portal™
• Left 4 DeadTM

• Operation Flashpoint®2: Dragon Rising (this title will incorporate Falcon compatibility in a day and date release)
• Race Driver: Grid™
• Colin McRae: Dirt™
• Overlord™ Raising Hell
• Sensible Soccer
• Brian Lara Cricket

World of Warcraft drivers
Quake 4 Multiplayer and Singleplayer Mods

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