Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Novint Takes Over PDX Lan

Hi everyone! Well, Novint recently stopped by Portland for the PDXLAN Event. So what is PDXLAN? According to Aaron from Novint, "other than just a 500 people LAN party, it is also a place for PC gamers to gather and show off their 'pimped out' systems."

Everywhere you looked, there were 28+ inch monitors, water-cooled processors, and massive custom towers. We gave countless demonstrations of BF2, Haptics-Life, and Quake 4 and had a great time talking to everyone. I know for a fact that Aaron's dying to get back there!

<-- Our booth at PDX LAN!

<-- Battle Field 2!

<-- Tiger Woods Golf!


Anonymous said...

It seems in the picture of someone playing Battlefield 2 the Falcon on is uncalibrated!

Sabrina said...

hmmmm... everything was working fine at PDXLan. Thanks for your comment though!