Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Novint's Developing WoW Drivers

Hi everyone! We made an exciting announcement today letting everyone know that we're developing drivers for World of Warcraft. The drivers, built using WoW’s LUA Scripting system, will let you feel your character’s actions, spells, enemy attacks and other interactions dramatically enhancing the gaming experience. Novint is also integrating a unique interface in the game which gives players easy access to a customizable selection of spells and other game inventory items, allowing players to intuitively map up to 36 actions to Falcon movements with an in game User-Interface.

We're really excited about this opportunity because it will allow us to bring Falcon compatibility to another 10 million people. When you combine that with our deals with EA and Valve that's a pretty big number (about 30 million). You can read more about the WoW drivers on our Web site. What do you think about the drivers?

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deadboy said...

HOOORAY! I literally can not wait for this. If it doesn't show up sooner than later I believe my head may explode.