Friday, July 18, 2008


Hello everyone! This week was really busy with E3, but we certainly haven't forgotten about Falcon Friday. This week's game is: Chicken Hunter: Chicken A La Kart.

Ladies and gentlemen START YOUR ENGINES! Chicken Hunter: Chicken a la Kart is a fun, fast paced go-kart style racing game that’s sure to get your adrenaline pumping! Meet up with some of the other characters and race in one of the five different courses in each of the two different Grand Prix races. While playing this game with the Falcon you’ll feel vehicle accelerations, collisions, the recoil of weapons, and the direction your enemy fires at you from. Chicken Hunter: Chicken a la Kart has 2 player racing ability so you can challenge your friends no matter where they are… just make sure you buckle up!

I have to say, the Chicken Hunter games are all so much fun and this one is no exception! It will cost you a cool $14.95 and it's worth every penny! You'll have so much fun! Check it out!

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